The 2014 Chase Elliott Camaro in the Nationwide series runs a similar chassis that the Sprint cup cars do. Technically the 2006 Revell Monte Carlo kit chassis would need a total overhaul removing the “Stamped Steel factory” floors and replace it with flat sheet plastic to be more accurate. Since the car I did for this write up will be a Curbside or shelf style build I did not do all of that work. I did however replace the kit Greenhouse chassis bars with .080 solid plastic rod taking some measurements and building the new more updated cage to fit the Resin Camaro body. The rest of the photos should help guide you in building your version however detailed you want to make it will be up to you. The kit greenhouse is acceptable but it does hange a bit low and is too narrow for my taste which is why I cut it out and added my own cage.


David Thibodeau


Text:Grind away the thick material in these areas
to allow the chassis to fit closer to the front area of the body.

Text:Scratch built roll cage will chassis fit body much better

Once chassis is centered in the body, install the dash, mark the area
where dash meets the cowl, then remove plastic.

Remove approx 1/4 of an inch from kit shroud

Text: I left a slight gap for extra centering ability of the chassis
front or back later when the wheels are installed in final assembly.